Notes For Industrial Menu Planning

Today, the catering industry is not too strange for everyone. Catering industry is the most effective solution to help ensure the meals of workers are most guaranteed and complete. So how to have a nutritious meal for everyone. Vitaa Catering will give you tips on the most effective industrial ration menu.

I/ The basic notes for an industrial ration ensure full nutrition

The Industrial Meal menu is an indispensable part to make the most suitable mid-day meal for all employees in your company. Without a reasonable and scientific menu, it is easy to make many mistakes when preparing a meal for employees. The menu for industrial meals is highly dependent on the agreement of the business and the nutritionist of the place responsible.

1/ Why is there an industrial meal menu?

Industrial meals are nutritious meals for employees to ensure employees have the best nutrition to work in the most efficient way. An industrial ration usually has not only one dish, but two or three different dishes. Such as: braised dishes, fried dishes, stir-fries, soups, desserts, etc. Moreover, the catering industry is served to a large number of employees every day. So the menu is an integral part because:

- Can manage the necessary and adequate nutrition for employees.

- Easy to produce without having to think or change too much.

- No duplicate dishes in one serving.

- Making an industrial meal menu makes everyone's diet menu richer.

- Help suppliers can manage to change regularly to help people not be bored and bored.

2 / Basic criteria required of a standard industrial meal menu.

An industrial meal menu must be full in number. This makes people feel like eating enough rice as their family.

The second must be full of quality such as having fiber-providing dishes such as vegetables, mustard, high-protein dishes, fatty dishes, soup ...

Thirdly, the dishes are changed and have a delicious flavor. Especially suitable with the taste of the majority of users.

Finally, food must ensure good quality in terms of food hygiene and safety.

3 / In a menu to make sure there are foods belonging to the nutritional group

- Vegetables are always needed by providing people with many vitamins and minerals necessary for the body. In any meal, it is necessary to have vegetables to release toxins and prevent constipation. Choose vegetables that are easy to find but nutritious like leafy greens, amaranth, asparagus, spinach, spinach, melon, gourd, squash, etc.

- High protein food to ensure energy for a long day of activity. Meat and fish are the most effective source of animal protein.

- Fatty foods help dissolve some vitamins and aid digestion. Should use fat in beans, sesame, peanuts.

- Soup is an indispensable dish in daily meals because it helps replenish water and nutrients quickly. You can choose simple dishes like vegetable soup, pumpkin soup, gourd soup, beet soup, ... or more complex types of soup such as crab soup, sour soup, meat soup, fish soup, ...

- Desserts, though not necessary, but it will help your meals more decent. Just a small piece of melon, a banana, a few longan makes people feel refreshed and have more energy than ever before.

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