Some Tips For Outdoor Wedding Planning You Should Know

Weddings are the most important event in everyone's life, so there is a need for a well-planned plan to make your wedding a memorable day. Today, outdoor weddings have become a favorite for many couples. Vietnam Catering will reveal to you some of the most useful outdoor wedding experiences for you. When choosing to organize an outdoor wedding you have to face many issues to be concerned about. So studying carefully the experience of organizing an outdoor wedding is not a redundancy. It helps you have a perfect wedding and never happens to regret later. Please refer to the following suggestions carefully!

1 / Benefits of organizing an outdoor wedding

  • A wedding held outdoors has many advantages to making a memorable memory not only for you but also for the attendees.
  • Party space and outdoor ceremonies will make your wedding closer to heaven. Outdoor space always feels airy and comfortable. Weddings that have comfort and joy are even more interesting than that.
  • Create a unique impression for everyone. Outdoor weddings are nothing new but rare in Vietnam. Most couples choose to get married quickly in restaurants because there is no need to think twice. But today there are many units that can assist you with everything to have a great outdoor wedding of your own.
  • There is no sense of restraint or frustration in the four walls, in the familiar arrangements of the wedding restaurant. With this comfort, there will be many guests who confidently contribute to you wedding songs without feeling confined.
  • You absolutely can unleash your creative party. From the decoration, the arrangement to the script of the program. Usually in weddings at a restaurant you will be confined by the scenario of the program already too boring.

2 / Experience of organizing an outdoor wedding that you need to know

  • Wedding budget: Organizing an outdoor wedding party costs quite a lot more than a normal wedding. Moreover, the wedding budget should be planned because it will decide all your weddings. When determining your wedding budget, you need to compare, find out who has experience, books, internet to plan to pay for everything. For example, photography, costume, decoration, stage, dinner party, ...
  • Outdoor party venue: Firstly, the number of participants needed to be able to rent a suitable space. To meet the needs of couples in many restaurants everyday, there is even a splendid outdoor party space for the wedding. In addition, you can also choose places near the banks of the river with a cool breeze. If you are a lover of the sea you can also choose the sea view for your unique wedding.
  • Weather: This is a prerequisite for an outdoor wedding experience. Because bad weather will ruin a happy party. So before you get married you need to preview the weather to be able to have the appropriate layout. If the wedding takes place on hot days, it is advisable to hire fans to set around, because air conditioning is not installed in the outdoors. Seats should be selected with fabric upholstery to avoid hot seats uncomfortable guests. In addition, you should also set up tents, canvas in case of changing weather.
  • Rent security: If you organize parties completely outdoor and not in the big campus of restaurants and hotels, this is quite a necessity. This helps protect the property as well as the safety for everyone. Hiring security contributes to make you have a really complete party.
  • Backup planning: No one knows what can happen so a complete backup plan will help you not to worry if something unexpected happens. You can consult and discuss with service providers or relatives to make sure plan.
  • Catering: Banquet is an indispensable part for everyone to have fun with your family. So find a good provider of this service. First, the supplier must be experienced and professional in the service process. Second, the dish must be delicious and suitable to the taste of the majority of guests. Thirdly, the food suppliers must ensure food safety and hygiene. Finally, the service attitude of the staff must be friendly and gracious to bring a happy atmosphere for the party.

Above are some outdoor wedding experiences that Vietnam Catering would like to share with you. Hopefully our couples will not only be happy on this big day, but will always be happy later. Visit for more useful information for outdoor weddings.