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The Perfect Mix of Sensational Food, Inspiring Ideas & Professional Team

2018 – We have started the first steps on the food service for everyone. To withstand the tough difficulties and challenges, Vitaa Catering is fortunate to be accompanied by the best partners who always believe and put the heart in a complete service. They feel not only by the successful outcome, not by the form, but by the art behind the skillful hands and the enthusiastic heart of the attendant.



Vu Thi Thanh Thuy

Founder Director

Thuy follows her heart for people and her passion for fine food. She left her secure career in finance to pursue her dream with F&B since February, 2018. Prior to joining catering, Thuy worked for 12 years at high management level for ANZ Bank Vietnam. She was always been client facing and gained a strong reputation of integrity and performance.

Thuy is responsible for operations, employee development and corporate strategy.

Her interests include gardening, trekking and travel.


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